Nominees 2018

The nominees for the German Bridge Construction Award 2018

On November 7th, 2017 the German Bridge Construction Award’s Jury nominated three structures from each of the two competition categories. A total of 29 competition’s entries were submitted, comprised of a total of 15 road and railway bridges and 14 pedestrian bridges.
The jury was particularly pleased that some smaller bridges were submitted for the competition. „In this way, buildings that play a major role in our lives are brought back to the centre of attention and their civic and aesthetic value is recognised in small communities”, explained Prof. Dr. Manfred Curbach as chairman of the jury.

In the category of road and railway bridges the jury nominated the following three buildings, and their verdict is justified as follows:

Lahn Valley Bridge along interstate A3 near Limburg, Hessen
The new Lahntal Bridge is nominated for the German Bridge Construction Award because it is elegantly presented between the Limburg Cathedral and a striking railway bridge and blended discreetly into its surroundings. The structure, built in a classical free cantilever manner, is a successful example of how traditional civil engineering combined with new ideas can combine aesthetic quality with cost-effective production.

The pilot project, Greißelbach Bridge, Bavaria
The Greißelbach Bridge was nominated for the German Bridge Construction Award 2018 because the structure demonstrates on a small scale, how sustainable structures can be constructed quickly and economically using a modular construction approach with prefabricated elements. Thus, this innovative pilot project is leading the way in the efficient replacement of ageing road infrastructure.

Bleichinsel Bridge, Heilbronn
The Bleichinsel Bridge was nominated for the German Bridge Construction Award 2018 because it fulfils the concept of a beautiful, low-maintenance and good-value structure in an ideal manner. It adapts seamlessly into its urban environment and its modern design commands a high recognition.

Nominated in the category pedestrian and bicycle path bridges were the following three bridges:

Northern Isar Bridge, Freising/Bavaria
The pedestrian and bicycle bridge on the northern trail across the Isar River in Freising is nominated for the German Bridge Construction Award because of its sculptural shape, extreme slenderness and the glaze of the weathering steel used on its integral frame structure. It blends organically into the fields and landscape surrounding the Isar River.

Henneberg Bridge, Braunschweig
The Henneberg Bridge persuaded the jury with its lightness, subtle design style and constructive integrity. The slender steel girder bridge is carefully crafted to the last detail and adapted to its surroundings. The integral construction without joints and bearings makes the building durable and low-maintenance.

Suspension Bridge in the park at the Ilm, Weimar
The restoration of the historic suspension bridge is nominated for the German Bridge Construction Award 2018 because the rehabilitation of such a small but challenging bridge showed how historic structures could be conserved for the future, maintaining its function and service according to today’s standards.